The Best Capsule Shoes for Every Women’s Wardrobe!

If you're looking to create a capsule shoe wardrobe that you can customize to your needs, you've found the right part of the internet!

A capsule shoe wardrobe is a perfect way to narrow down stylish shoe essentials with maximum versatility.

Today on, I'll go over different types of women's shoes that will fit many personal styles and occasions.

Whether you're wearing dress pants, a sweater, or a flowy sundress, the loafer is always a stylish choice.



The casual lace-up sneaker is the perfect style to have in your wardrobe. But to be genuinely capsule shoe wardrobe worthy, you must pick the right pair.

Simple Sneakers


Classic leather or suede ankle boots with a solid heel are always in style and perfect for in-between seasons and fall/winter. They make great contenders to add to your capsule shoe wardrobe!

Classic Ankle Boots


If you already have leather ankle boots in your capsule shoe wardrobe, opt for a suede knee boot or vice-versa. Any shade of brown, tan and black will always be in style.

Knee Boots


Some, like decorative jeweled clips, pom pom shoe clips or shoe straps, can change the look of your shoes. Other shoe accessories are more functional.

Shoe Accessories


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