The Amazing Guide To Shoe Anatomy

Worth noting that not every shoe will have every shoe component listed – some will have less, others will have more, as each shoe varies in style, design and construction.

I hope the various illustrated shoe parts, along with names and explanations, will help clarify general shoe terminology for you, so you will know where all the parts of a shoe are located!

The vamp of a shoe is the front panel of a shoe. You can find it in the front area of the upper, from the toe tip until the back quarter (before the heel area).

Shoe Vamp


The quarter area of a shoe is located beginning from the back and side of the upper, to where the vamp begins. It also includes the heel area.



The shoe collar is the edge surrounding the upper back and top of the quarter, where you insert your foot. It is padded to provide ankle support.



The counter is a section of material at the rear part of the shoe that provides support and shape right behind the foot’s back heel.



The shoe tongue is a long piece of material found under eyestays of lace-up and some slip-on shoes, attached to the vamp.



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