Taos Crave Boots Review – My Fave Waterproof Combat Boots!

My most worn and loved ones are Taos Crave Boots in waterproof all-black, which I'll be reviewing today on shoe-tease.com.

In this Taos Crave boots story, I will give my thoughts on the fit, comfort, performance, styling and socks to wear with Taos Boots.

Keep in mind that I've had these boots for 4 years, which I've worn for just as many seasons. The pictures reflect that length of wear. They still look amazing, if I may say so myself!

As the regular Taos Crave fit is shorter in length, I suggest sizing up. This is especially important to do if you're in-between sizes.

Taos Crave Boots – Fit


While many shoes have given me leg, foot and lower back pain, these boots never have. The main reason is that they hug and support my high arches.

Taos Crave Boots  – Comfort


As I've said, I've had my Taos Crave combat boots for 4 years. That means I've been wearing them for 4 falls to almost winter seasons.

Taos Crave Boots – Durability & Wear


If you live in an area where harsh winters aren't applicable, then these could easily take you through the whole winter!

Taos Crave Boots – Performance


My favorite socks to pair with my Crave boots are simple sports or organic crew socks. These can creep out from inside your boots or hide entirely inside.

Socks to wear with Taos Boots


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