Stinky Shoes? Tips on How to Get Rid of Smelly Shoes

OK, I admit it. Not the sexiest topic on the ShoeTease menu, but shoe stink: it's an issue. So here are easy ways on how to get smell out of shoes, whether it be from your flats, sneakers to your ice skates!

Nothing to be embarrassed about! How to get smell out of shoes, thankfully doesn't require throwing them away!

So no need to buy new shoes just because they stink. You can revive them by following some or a mix of these tips!

The heat also dries out the shoe, taking care of the moisture issue. The sun is an awesome natural shoe odor eliminator!

Put Your Shoes Out in the Sun


Shoe odor sprays are easy to use & very effective at removing shoe odor & killing stink-causing bacteria that allow that bad odor to live in shoes.

Try Shoe Odor Spray


These odor-absorbing pouches are simply placed into the shoe to both eliminate moisture & smell. Some are reusable, while others have an expiry date.

Use Shoe Deodorizer Inserts


Black tea contains tannins, which is a compound that has been found to resist the growth of bacteria & fungi which will help remove odor from shoes.

Use Black Tea Bags


Think of it as an oven of sorts for your stinky shoes & gear!

Eliminate Shoe Odor with a Shoe Dryer


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