Squeaky Shoes? How to Stop Shoes From Squeaking

Ever had a case of the squeaky shoes? The sound of squeaking shoes as you walk can be irritating and downright embarrassing.

Especially if you're at school or in a formal work setting, such as a quiet office, hall or courtroom.

Fortunately, you can usually get shoes to stop squeaking yourself, right at home with some of these quick DIY tricks, targeting specific areas of the shoe!

It will give your shoe soles less slick by giving them traction.

Spray with a Grip Adhesive


Super Glue Your Soles

Apply it to the affected area following manufacturers instructions – and keeping the parts together with a clamp or rubber bands – let dry for at least 24 hours.


Try substituting paper towels if you don't have any dryer sheets lying around, but replace them every few wears.

Use a Dryer Sheet


Wearing some socks, including no-show socks, can put a less squeaky spring in your step.

Wear Socks


Use Lubricant Under the Insoles

Use a cotton ball or cotton round to apply a very small amount of your lubricant of choice to the inside bottom of your shoes, under the insole.


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