Squeaky Shoes? How to Stop Shoes From Squeaking

Why do my Shoes Squeak? Maybe:

1. Your shoes are brand new 2. Wear and tear of old shoes 3. There is water in your shoes 4. The sole is too smooth 5. You're wearing your shoes barefoot

There are many reasons that can cause shoe squeaking in various parts of the shoe. This can include shoe bottoms, the insoles, and the outer parts of the shoes causing the squeak.

Thankfully, you can usually get shoes to stop squeaking yourself, right at home with some of these quick DIY tricks, targeting specific areas of the shoe!

Baby powder reduces friction, and reduce squeaky shoes that much more.

Use Baby Powder


Dryer sheets save the day for squeaky shoes yet again. Try substituting paper towels if you don't have any dryer sheets lying around, but replace them every few wears.

Use a Dryer Sheet


Wearing some socks, including no-show socks, can put a less squeaky spring in your step.

Wear Socks


If the other methods above didn't work, you can always take to this method, using either coconut oil or Vaseline (petroleum jelly).

Use Lubricant Under the Insoles


Squeaky shoes can be caused by heels coming loose from the shoe, creating a noisy gap. This is where superglue comes in handy!

Superglue Your Heels


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