Slippery Shoes? Here’s How To Make Shoes Less Slippery!

Slippery Shoes? How to make shoes less slippery – even how to make shoes non-slip! – is what today's story on is all about.

To help you on your non-slip shoes journey, we're going to run down a list of top tips & tricks not only on how to make shoes less slippery.

By placing bandages adhesive side down on the soles of your shoes, the rough surface on the band-aid will help grip the floor, so your feet stay on it!

Use Adhesive Bandages


Simple and often very effective! New shoes – especially dress shoes with leather, pleather or other smooth outsoles – tend to be great at slipping on many a slick surface.

Wear Your Shoes


You'll never have to worry about slipping on ice or slippery surfaces after spraying these on!

Try Traction Spray for Shoes


This will create a rough surface to add traction as you walk. The grit will help you travel on foot through anything winter can throw at you with ease.

Use Salt, Sand or Glue


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