Shoes to Wear with Leopard Print Dress Outfits

With the many leopard print dress styles available – from bold to more muted – there is a leopard print to suit all tastes, body types & occasions.

I hope this story leaves you inspired on how to style leopard print dress outfits with a variety of accessories and shoes!

Shoe Styles & Colors to Wear with a Leopard Print Dresses

If you want to add color to your leopard dress, but are looking to be more subtle about it, choose burgundy or wine-colored shoes.

Burgundy Shoes with Leopard Print Dress Outfits


Combat boots are great for Spring, Fall and Winter to add an extra edge to your leopard print outfit and dress!

Combat Boots with Leopard Print Dresses


Clear heels outfits are a trendy type of high heel that can be considered the IT shoes of the moment.

Clear Shoes with Leopard Print Dress Outfits


Green is a cooler hue that contrasts well with leopard and cheetah prints. This unexpected color with animal prints makes it all the more fun!

Green Shoes with Leopard Print Dress Outfits


Birkenstocks are a great sandal to add to a leopard print outfit. It will add a laid-back, earthy feel, especially in  shades of brown.

Birkenstock Sandals with Leopard Print Dress Outfits


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