Shoes to Wear With a White Lace Dress

A white lace dress is the perfect choice for many occasions, both formal and casual. If you pick the right shoes to wear with a lace dress you can go anywhere. Literally!

White lace dresses are a perfect combination of flirty and classic elegance, and the lace texture adds an extra element of interest. Lace dresses are not only beautiful but also incredibly versatile.

Wearing a white lace skirt and want to know how to style it with the right shoes? This story will help with your lace skirt styling too!

Perfect for a cocktail party, wedding reception or chic soirée, a minimalist sandal is always a good choice!

Minimalist Sandals with a White Lace Dress


I believe that it should be in every woman's closet. It's a simple shoe with a classic silhouette that it will suit almost any outfit.

Pointed Toe Pumps with a White Lace Dress


If heels are not your thing or just not possible for you, a simple flat in a fashionable shape works best.

Stylish Flats with a White Lace Dress


If your white lace dress is lingerie inspired a slip-dress, wearing open toe mules can make your outfit little boudoir themed.

Mules and Slides with a White Lace Dress


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