Shoes to Wear With a Lace Dress

This story will outline the best shoes to wear with a lace dress of any kind, in 2023, for various occasions.

Looking to wear a pretty black lace dress to cocktail party? Or wanting to wear a white lace dress to a church ceremony, wedding or even a lace dress to a holiday party?

No matter the event, I have found the best shoes for you to wear it with!

Depending on your lace dress, suede or matte leather boots will take your outfit's glam factor down a notch but can add a bohemian feel.

Boots to Wear with a Lace Dress


These will make your outfit super casual. If you're looking for a beach-ready lace dress outfit, you can even slip on some flip-flops!

Slides or Strappy Flat Sandals with a Lace Dress


Great for Fall, Spring or even Winter months, you cannot go wrong with an ankle boot paired with a lace dress. I love a simple black or brown low-heeled boot, myself.

Ankle Boots with a Lace Dress


Loafers, whether classic of slipper style, are comfortable everyday footwear that will give your lace dress outfit a distinguished touch.

Loafers with a Lace Dress


Perfect for errands or a park stroll, you can pair your lace dress with the hottest sneakers or simple white trainers that look fabulous with everything.

Sneakers with a Lace Dress


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