Shoe Humor! Best Shoe Puns, Jokes and Riddles to Laugh at

Calling all joke and shoe lovers to! If you're looking for funny shoe riddles & puns because you just can’t get enough of shoes, don’t worry. ShoeTease is a judgment-free zone.

I’ve hand selected the best shoe jokes for you: from funny shoe jokes, to question and answer shoe jokes, shoe riddles, silly shoe puns to eye-roll-inducing dad jokes about shoes. Yes, I’ve got them all!

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What is made of leather, a foot long and sounds like a sneeze? A shoe!


Why should you wear good shoes in a fight? You'll never see de feet.


Who asked if it was better for a shoe to be or not to be? Sockspeare!


Why is it bad to work in a shoe recycling centre? It’s sole destroying!


How do shoes talk? They converse!


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