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Ever stuck on how to wear certain shoe, heels, sandals or boots with various outfits, including casual & formal attire? This shoe blog for women helps you style all classic & popular shoe styles in multiple ways!

Shoe Styling


Jeans are always in style. But with many cuts, fits and lengths, shoe choices can be tricky. We have posts covering how to wear all kinds of jeans with various shoe styles to meet your styling needs!

Styling Shoes with Jeans


Dresses, from short to long, fancy to casual pair well with many shoes. Which ones, you ask? We answer all  dress style & color related questions on how to pair them with the right shoes!

Styling Shoes with Dresses


Socks are often a forgotten styling element when it comes to wearing shoes. That's why we give many tips on how to wear socks with loafers, boots and yes, even sandals!

Styling Socks with Shoes


Want your shoes to fit better and last longer? Shoe care is a must! We have many posts on how to care for different shoe materials, styles and how to make them fit best and break them in!

Shoe Care


If you're a shoe lover or wanting to give shoe gifts for the shoe fanatic in your life, we have all kinds of gifts for shoe lovers to enjoy!

Shoe Gifts


Want info about shoes, like what the difference between stilettos and pumps is, or the rundown of a shoe's anatomy? We have all the info, from all the shoe types & more!

Shoe Knowledge


All shoe lovers have a favorite shoe quote! But if you want more, our vast repertoire of shoe quotes, boot quotes & sneaker quotes will give you plenty to choose from!

Shoe Quotes


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