Shoe Bakery’s Sweet Shoes:  The Perfect Sugar-Free Treat!

Shoe Bakery makes faux cake shoes beyond your wildest dreams! The craftsmanship is truly incredible. You can find amazing cake & pastry inspired flats, heels & accessories.

If you're wanting a cute shoe treat for your little one, their baby cake shoes “Pink Sprinkle Toes” only takes two days to process before delivery. Oh, and they deliver worldwide!

The craftsmanship on these outrageously amazing cake & pastry inspired flats, heels & accessories from is incredible.

A wicked bridal shoe idea, where you can match your shoes to your wedding cake or to commemorate a special occasion.

Such a fabulous idea, that many bloggers & YouTubers have posted DIY versions of making these footwear treats. Especially popular are the home made ice cream heels & sprinkle cupcake flats.

Seriously worth at least a visit to the Shoe Bakery visually devour these amazing cake shoe creations. But if you've got a sweet tooth, enter at your own risk!

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