Sad Stilettos? Learn How To Shine Shoes Made Of Leather

Many of us have splurged on fabulous, buttery leather shoes. Some even more so than others (you know who you are!!). Yet we often forget about shoe care & shoe repair basics.

By shining your shoes you are also conditioning them, it only increases their longevity & reduces the signs of wear.

It also prevents the leather from drying & cracking. And once cleaned, don't forget the importance of a good waterproof spray for shoes too!

1. Newspaper. 2. Soft rag or cloth. 3. Good quality shoe brush. 4. Shoe polish (close or exact match to shoe color).

Shoe Shine Tools:


Brushes with natural fibres (horse hair etc) will not damage your shoes. Many man-made bristles more likely than not, will.

A Note on Shoe Brushes


Leather shoes soak up cream polishes well, which help maintain their color (or non color if you’re dealing with black or grey!).

Shoe Polish


1. Place your hand into the shoe. 2. Remove any dirty/dust/grime with a soft cloth. 3. Using a neutral shoe shine sponge, wipe it lightly.

How to Shine Shoes – A Quick DIY Guide


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