Perfect Boots to Wear With Leggings

There are many great shoes to wear with leggings, but for Fall/Winter, it’s all about leggings with boots!

But between the different types of women’s boots and leggings styles, how to wear boots with leggings can be a bit of a doozy.

But don’t worry, I’m here to help! Today on, I’m going to go through each of the best boots to wear with leggings, how to wear them, along with the top leggings to choose with each.

Leather ankle boots with kitten heels and mid-height block heels are office chic. A heeled stiletto bootie will easily take you from your desk to a chic dinner.

Classic Ankle Boots with Leggings


The current trend is for a higher flatform boot with large treads. All the cool kids are wearing them, and they look great with any pants.

Combat Boots with Leggings


Knee boots with leggings are an easy combo. Especially when you don't want to think about pant hemlines!

Knee High Boots with Leggings


I prefer lower or flat-heeled high boots for daily wear, like Stuart Weitzman's 50/50 high boot, which looks sleek and classy.

Over the Knee Boots with Leggings


Chunky Chelsea boots are incredibly trendy right now. I usually don't recommend a chunky boot with tight pants, but if an edgy vibe is what you're after, it can look fun.

Chelsea Boots with Leggings


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