Most Stylish Socks For Loafers

It's difficult talk about how to wear loafers without mentioning socks! There are many different styles of socks to wear with loafers, but don’t get overwhelmed!

How to pick the best socks to wear with loafers? Well, that entirely depends on the outfit, where you’re going, and the look you’re after.

From the best no show socks for flats – including loafers – to bright white, colorful, or statement alternatives, you will find a sock type for all outfits, occasions, and of course, loafers!

If you love designer accessories, then an all-over monogram ankle or knee sock might be for you.

Monogram Socks


Lace socks make a surprising and unexpected accent to your loafers, popping out from under your long jeans, giving them a hint of romanticism.

Lace Socks


Vertically or horizontal striped dress socks or striped athletic crew socks are great socks for loafers. You can wear almost everything with your striped socks and have fun with color.

Striped Socks


These work well with any color loafers, and are an especially great combo with black, white, tan or pink loafers.

Black Socks


Wear your soft wooly calf height socks casually with a pair of cuffed straight leg jeans, or mini dress and cardigan, completing the look with a pair of chunky loafers.

Wooly Socks


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