Learn How To Clean Satin Shoes & White Satin Shoes At Home

Thankfully you can clean satin shoes at home, and it's important to clean them gently using mild solutions. Because of that, it might take some time and a few tries to make them look new again.

Read on – here at  shoe-tease.com – to learn how to clean all types of satin shoes, including colored and white satin shoes.

Vodka tends to work best as a spot treatment. Be sure to only use pure vodka. None of that flavored or colored stuff!

Use Vodka


If you combine vinegar with a pinch of baking soda and equal parts water, you’ll have the perfect concoction to use on your shoes.

Vinegar may help


These sprays will allow the material to fend off dirt, stains, and marks from developing. It’s one of the most effective ways to keep shoes in the best condition.

Waterproof Shoe Spray


Hairspray will also act as a barrier to prevent dirt and stains from forming on the satin shoes and is yet another great option to consider.



Keep your satin shoes in excellent condition by giving them a quick cleaning after each use to prevent dirt buildup.

Regular Cleaning


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