Kamik Jennifer Rain Boots Review – Matte Black

Welcome to my Kamik Jennifer rain boots review! The prettiest black matte rain boots with flair. In my eye, they're the rain boot equivalent of matte black luxury vehicles!

If you're looking for an edgy look, opt for a head-to-toe black look. Leather or leather-looking jackets are advised.

Or you can inject some color, adding a colorful umbrella & rainbow nails to complete a more playful look!

– The Kamik Jennifer rain boots fit narrow, perfect for my small calves & feet. – Made of rubber (not plastic!) so they don't reek of toxic chemicals.


– Made in Canada. – Compared to other tall matte black rain boots, they are much more affordable!


– Can be recycled (yes!) – Lightweight, but strong & durable – Kamik's Jennifer rain boots come in 6 different colors including grey, mellow yellow & my fave: deep red!


The comfort level is great as well. Of course, keep in mind that these are rain boots & not built for countless miles of walking.


But for rain boots, they fit well & keep me dry and cozy for rainy walks to the supermarket & beyond.


The thicker track sole is great too, as the grips can prevent unnecessary slips & falls on & in mud puddles!


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