How to Wear Stylish Socks with Loafers

Socks for loafers are a great way to stay both warm and stylish during the cooler seasons. But they also can make a fashion statement in the spring and summer.

From simple black socks that match any outfit, to patterned or mesh socks that add some style and flair, there is a perfect pair for your needs.

Today on, I will guide you through selecting the perfect pairs of socks for loafers, show you how to style them, and provide you with valuable tips to complete your outfit.

If you love designer accessories, then an all-over monogram ankle or knee sock might be for you.

Monogram Socks


If you're after a feminine sock with some grit, lace socks with loafers might be for you!

Lace Socks


Vertically or horizontal striped dress socks or striped athletic crew socks are great socks for loafers. You can wear almost everything with your striped socks and have fun with color.

Striped Socks


Black socks go well with all loafers, no matter the color or style. These work well with any color loafers, and are an especially great combo with black, white, tan or pink loafers.

Black Socks


Comfort aside, fuzzy sor cable knit socks make any outfit look cozy and inviting.

Wooly Socks


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