How To Wear Mules – Best Mules Outfits For Women

The mules are back and better than ever! You can wear mules outfits with high heels, loafer mules and clog mules.

And from classy kitten heel mules, to chunkier styles, there are loads of styling options available.

Read on to see our picks of the best mules outfits for women this season!

Smart casual looks with loafer mules and dresses look great too, especially in the summer, when you don't want to wear fully closed shoes.

Mules with Dresses


One fun way to wear mules is with joggers, especially if you reach for loafer mules. I love the contrast of more serious vs casual.

Joggers & Sweatpants with Mules


A jumpsuit or romper is a perfect outfit to wear with your mules. They're both easy to slip in and out of.

Jumpsuits & Rompers with Mules


I love good linen shorts, a tucked-in tee and a matching jacket. Pick a high-waisted pair that you can belt, or reach for paperbag waist shorts.

Shorts with Mules


Tuck a loose sweater into a leather mini, and make it casual with a black studded clog. Or you can add fancy kitten heel mules with or without sheer black stockings.

Skirts with Mules


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