How to Wear Leggings with the Right Shoes

Leggings may just be the most comfortable pants out there. This is why virtually every woman has a pair of leggings in her closet!

But if you pair them with the wrong shoes or boots, you run the risk of frumpy or pajama-casual. And that's not the point of this styling story!

In today's story, I'm going to give you shoes with leggings styling advice. You will learn how to make your leggings look casual to chic and everything in between, with the right shoes!

Leggings with sneakers is a no-brainer shoe and legging pairing. Especially if you're keeping things more casual or sporty with a pair of athletic leggings or yoga pants.

Leggings with Sneakers


Just make sure your ballerina flats style are a current shape. A dated, wide or very rounded toe can make your leggings outfit look frumpy.

Ballet Flats with Leggings


You can pair sporty slides with simple or athletic leggings of any length or leg width, with a crop top or sweatshirt can complete a casual look.

Slides with Leggings


Chunky Chelseas can look clunky, and will draw extra attention to your feet. More classic styles like Blundstones will add an earthy appeal.

Chelsea Boots with Leggings


High boots with leggings that have a high stiletto heel can look a little racy. If that's what you're after, then, please feel free!

Thigh High Boots with Leggings


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