How to Wear Clogs Outfits for Women

Today on, I will walk you through the most trendy clogs styles and how to wear clogs.

I'll help you choose the best pieces of clothing to style your clogs to create both casual to more elevated looks.

Clogs with Jeans

In today's fashion-conscious era, clogs can easily be paired with jeans – any jeans style! From straight leg jeans to wider hems, clogs will work well.


Clogs with Dresses

Fashion and classic clogs are great shoes to wear with dresses in a slew of cute styles. You'll be able to find clogs in lighter materials, new colors, and even with heels!


When choosing the appropriate footwear, the season will dictate what you wear (most often!). So shorts – perfect for warmer days – are an ideal fit for summery days.

Clogs with Shorts


For summer, jumpsuits can be just as fun a garment to solve your ‘what to wear with clogs' dilemma.

Clogs with Rompers & Jumpsuits


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