How To Waterproof Shoes & Boots

Not many of us stop to consider how to waterproof shoes. That’s because thinking about how our footwear will fare in wet conditions isn’t our first thought when we go shoe shopping. 

Thankfully, there are options available to waterproof shoes, or at least offer some water resistance, even if your footwear wasn’t manufactured that way.

So please read each method and specific product instructions carefully to see if your shoes will benefit from it!

Waterproof shoe sprays add an invisible layer to your footwear, like a shield to protect the upper materials from absorbing water and dirt.

Use Waterproof Spray for Shoes


Wax is naturally waterproof and doesn’t penetrate shoe materials.

Try Wax


WD-40 has proven to be an all-in-1 solution for many things. It can clean, renew, waterproof and protect certain leather materials.

Try Wd-40 Spray


Available in multiple colors, they are elastic to fit many shoe styles. They are slip-resistant, easy to clean and durable.

Use Waterproof Shoe Covers


Stating the obvious here, buying waterproof shoes is essential if you plan on facing the elements.

Buy Waterproof Shoes


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