How to Waterproof Shoes and Heels

Some of the most beloved footwear favorites, such as white tennis shoes, nude suede pumps, brown oxfords or black leather ankle boots could benefit from waterproofing.

Waterproofing is especially helpful on days we’re not expecting rain or a nasty splash from a nearby car!

Please read each method and specific product instructions carefully to see if your shoes will benefit from it!

Not only is breaking in shoes a great way to get them to mold to your feet, but it will stretch them out to prep for waterproofing.

Break in Your Shoes


Leather oil is practical and easy to use. With a rag or shoe cloth, spread leather oil or conditioner onto the external material of the shoes, coating it well.

Use Leather Oil And Conditioner


DIY hacks or sprays not for you? Or just not bothered to learn how to waterproof shoes or boots? I hear ya! If so, waterproof shoe covers might be the answer.

Use Waterproof Shoe Covers


So if you’re reading this story about how to waterproof shoes and are not comfortable with any of the DIY options listed, it’s time to purchase waterproof shoes!

Buy Waterproof Shoes


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