How To Treat Dry Hands & Feet – Great Products

I've found some absolute hydrating winners, which I have rounded up in this story. Seriously, these have treated my dry hands & feet so well!

These intensely nourishing hand & cuticle creams & scrubs also work great on dried-out feet, elbows, knees & so forth. Also a bonus: most of them are completely natural & non-toxic!

This cream is very thick & nourishing! To avoid  sticky hands, I tend (unless it's before bed) to apply & rub it on the outer part of my hands, avoiding the palms.

Weleda's Skin Food


It works just as well as the Skin Food, although it rinses off more easily after washing hands & consequently lasts a little less.

Burt's Bees Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream


This is a one-stop solution on how to treat dry hands & even the toughest of dry soles, with it's ultra rich formulation!

Burt's Bees Hand Salve


Not only does it intensely hydrate hand & toe cuticles, but it also strengthens your nails.

LondonTown's Kur: Nourishing Cuticle Oil


The serum-infused space-looking mitts are to be kept on for 10 or more minutes & leave a fabulous softness to the hands. Also so fun to use!

Perfect Ten Self-Warming Hand Mask by Patchology


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