How To Take Pictures Of Shoes On Feet – Shoefie Angles

These 5 shoefies are ways of taking pictures of your feet with shoes on, that you can do yourself.

This, of course, presuming that you are not a contortionist! If so, I'll need to cater a specific shoefie shoe story just for you, because I don't think 5 shoefie angles would cut it!

It requires little to minimal effort on your part AND this particular view never gets boring. Unless of course, your shoes start to!

Shoefie from Above (#Viewfromabove)


Just as it reads, this type of shoefie is taken from above while standing. It also can be hashtagged #viewfromabove.

Pictures of shoes on feet while Standing #Fromwhereistand


The picture captures the top of the shoes, or cross your ankles & turn your foot to show off any important design elements.

Sitting on a Chair


Seeing the heel itself, along with the shoe's upper, allows for a more interesting photo. Lie down and prop your feet up to a wall!

Picture of Shoes on Feet in the Air #Viewfrombelow


This is essentially when you stand at an angle, but instead of taking the shot directly above you take it from a lower, side angle, for a 3/4 shoe view.

Picture of Feet in Shoes – Sideways Angle


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