How To Take Pictures Of Shoes On Feet – 5 Shoefie Angles

Today I'm going to tell you how to take pictures of shoes on feet. And yes, these 5 shoefies are ways of taking pictures of your feet with shoes on, that you can do yourself!

This, of course, presuming that you are not a contortionist! If so, I'll need to cater a specific shoefie shoe story just for you, because I don't think 5 shoefie angles would cut it!

Photographing your shoes from above is the most popular way for you to take a photo of you, wearing your (hopefully!) fabulous shoes.

Shoefie from Above (#Viewfromabove)


A popular sitting shoefie pic involves keeping one leg stretched out in front & the other one crossed either over or under the extended leg's knee.

Picture of Shoes on Feet while Sitting on Floor


Make sure the stairs are parallel to the top & bottom of the picture, so the image itself appears levelled & balanced.

Pictures of shoes on feet while Sitting on Stairs


Seeing the heel itself, along with the shoe's upper, allows for a more interesting photo. Lie down and prop your feet up to a wall!

Picture of Shoes on Feet in the Air #Viewfrombelow


This is essentially when you stand at an angle, but instead of taking the shot directly above you take it from a lower, side angle, for a 3/4 shoe view.

Picture of Feet in Shoes – Sideways Angle


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