How to Style a Black Dress With Shoes

Whether you're looking for the right color pairing and/or a sporty, office casual or glam look, this shoe story has you covered!

You will come out of this story with a solid grasp of the most fashionable boots and shoes and know how to style a black dress with shoes.

One of my fave suggestions when asked the “what color shoes with black dresses work best” is definitely color! And the brighter the better!

Black Dresses With Colorful Shoes


If you're dipping your toes in red shoes for the first time, pairing them with a black dress will make for an extraordinary look!

Black Dress with Red Shoes


If you want to add a pop of color to your black dress through your shoes, but want to be VERY fashionable, pink shoes are where it's at.

Black Dress and Pink Shoes


Not as contrasting as a bright color, but a snake, leopard or cheetah print will add texture to your outfit while remaining fairly neutral.

Black Dress with Snake & Leopard Print Shoes


So if you want to keep a rock ‘n roll vibe, go for buckles & fringe ankle boots will give a boho vibe.

Black Dress with Ankle Boots


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