How To Store Winter Boots and Shoes for Summer

Storing boots during summer is much more than simply putting them away. You have to make sure you're properly cleaned, deodorized and properly packaged up.

Here are some tips to keep in mind before storing boots & shoes for summer or just for the weekend.

To clean the uppers, use a damp cloth to remove dirt & grime. For suedes & pony hair, use a suede brush & brush following the grain.

Clean Your Winter Boots and Shoes from Dirt


These shoe sealants create a water, dust and grime-repelling shield for all materials, which is helpful when you are storing boots away for summer.

Treat & Condition your Winter Boots and Shoes


If you notice rips on the upper material of your boots and shoes or the heels starting to thin out, get them repaired at your neighborhood cobbler.

Get Your Winter Boots and Shoes Repaired 


You can find a wide variety of products to eliminate odor from shoe inserts, to shoe sprays & powders. I like natural charcoal packs to insert into  shoes.

Deodorize Your Winter Boots and Shoes


I personally keep all of my shoe boxes + dust bags, which = the perfect storage solution. This way you avoid dust that can collect during the summer months.

Where to Store Your Winter Boots


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