How To Stop Heels From Clicking With Magical Heel Protectors

Noisy heels can be distracting in a more conservative environment or certain business situations.

If you like the sounds of clicking heels, then knock-knock yourselves out, but wouldn't it be nice to have a choice in the matter? Enter Clickless instant heel protectors.

They're easy to use: just click on the right size shoe cap to your heel. That's it! No pushing or hammering required.


They're very discreet because of their small, tapered design. The branded bottom is a nice touch!


Great to mask and prevent dings & scrapes at the base of your heels.


Because of the extra “padding” created by the heel cap + the fact that the cap has a larger surface area than the shoe's actual heel tip, I felt more at ease walking with, rather than without them.


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