How To Make Heels More Comfortable – High Heel Hacks

If you're ready to transform your sitting shoes into actual shoes, read on to find out how to make heels more comfortable.

We've compiled a list of the top shoe hacks to show you how to wear heels comfortably.

From ball of foot cushions to arch support to heel pads, these handy shoe accessories will make all the ouchey areas, virtually pain-free!

Use Padded Inserts


By taping your “ring” & middle toes (so the third and fourth toes), you should be able to run a marathon in your heels.

Tape Your Toes


Brand new shoes have yet to conform to your specific foot shape, which is why this period of foot-to-shoe adjustment usually happens.

Break In Your Shoes


As your shoes feel tighter due to swollen feet in the evening, that makes it the perfect time to get your feet measured & purchase a pair of comfy heels.

Buy the Correct Shoe Size


When buying shoes, look for thicker, chunkier heels & platforms as they take pressure off of the ball of your feet.

Buy a Comfortable Shoe Style


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