How To Keep Heels From Slipping Out Of Shoes

If you own lots of footwear, chances are you've had your heels slip out of shoes before. Most of us will look for affordable, great-looking shoes with excellent foot support when shoe shopping.

But sometimes, once you start wearing them, the shoes start slipping off the heels. This is annoying and can hurt your feet, even risking injury if you trip or fall.

If you've ever experienced heel slipping in shoes while walking, take solace in the fact that you’re not alone!

I recommend close-toe shoes so that there will be no need to constantly adjust your feet to make sure they don't slide around and stay put.

Wear Closed-Toe Shoes


They fill any gap between shoe and feet while adding comfy cushioning. Heel grips are affordable, but don't last too long and need to be replaced every few wears.

Use Heel Liners in your Shoes


If your shoes are too long and your feet are prone to slip into the extra toe space, try shoe fillers.

Use Shoe Fillers in the Front of your Shoes


Removable ankle straps not only prevent heels from slipping and help your feet stay put, but also make wearing shoes a lot comfier – even stylish!

Add a Removable Ankle Strap for Heels


- Avoid Moisturizing feet - Use Talcum Powder - Wear breathable shoes

Keep Your Feet Dry to Avoid Slipping


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