How to Clean White Shoes & Remove Yellow Stains

White clothing and accessories are hard to keep clean. Shoes are much more challenging, especially when certain materials are involved.

Since white shoes accumulate more grit and grime than other fashion products, many want to learn how to clean white shoes.

Today on, you will learn how to clean shoes, including white leather shoes, white mesh shoes, white canvas and satin shoes.

I love OxiClean to remove stains on both clothes and white shoes for stubborn stains, but you can make your own to brighten up canvas sneakers.

Try OxiClean (Baking Soda + Hydrogen Peroxide)


Toothpaste may work to make white shoes white again. Use white toothpaste in a non-gel form to avoid staining your white shoes with another color.

Try Toothpaste to Clean Shoes


Gentle, no. Effective, yes! Bleach is removing stains from white shoes, but it's last on my list for a reason.

Brighten White Shoes with Bleach


This method is best for: white canvas, mesh, patent and rubber shoes.

Wash Shoes with Dish Soap and Water


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