How to Clean UGGs at Home

If you're reading this story, I'm betting your boots are in dire need of some serious shoe repair. And let's be completely honest here: clean UGGs look a heck of a lot better than dirty ones!

So having you stomp around in stained versions of these boots is not an option. And because I take shoe cleaning seriously, I'm going to show you how to salvage them.

Even if this cleaning involves restoring soggy, dirty, even salt-stained UGGs. Because let's face it: whether it's the beginning or end of winter season, these puppies probably aren't looking so healthy.

Using cornstarch, chalk or talcum powder, apply it to the oil/grease-stained area.

Step 1


Let the boot absorb the powder for 12-24 hrs.

Step 2


Using a soft brush, carefully remove the powder.

Step 3


Repeat if stain does not come out, leaving powder on for longer.

Step 4


Make sure you clean using cold water only. Hot water may set, rather than clean the grease stain.

Step 5


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