How to Clean UGGs at Home

If you're at all familiar with ShoeTease's history involving UGG boots, you're probably wondering why I'd consider writing about UGGs little less a story on how to clean UGGs at home!

Since many women already own “classic” UGG Australia boots, they should at least look as clean and pristine as possible!

And if you're reading this story, I'm betting your boots are in dire need of some serious shoe repair. And let's face it: clean UGGs look a heck of a lot better than dirty ones!

With a clean sponge & water, dab your boots to dampen, rather than wet them.

Step 1


Add some Ugg Sheepskin cleaner/conditioner with the same sponge onto the boots & gently scrub the outer surface of the boots.

Step 2


With a clean new, damp sponge, clean off the conditioner so no residue remains.

Step 3


Fill boots with paper so that the footwear maintains its shape.

Step 4


Air dry your boots for 24hrs. It might be a slower method, but it will give the best results!

Step 5


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