How to Clean Suede Shoes and Heels

Here I bring you a complete guide with some nifty tricks on how to get those suede shoes clean & how to maintain them before & after wear.

So simply pick your stain & let me show you how to get those suede shoes & boots outfit-ready again!

Removing Ink from Suede

If it's still wet, blot it with a rag. Then rub with rubbing alcohol-soaked cotton ball.


How to Remove Wax & Gum from Suede

The funnest stain to remove from suede are these two offenders. Yes, fun! Hear me out: stick the shoe in a thin plastic bag & put it in the freezer overnight.


Removing Blood from Suede Shoes

Can't say I've ever spilt blood on my suede shoes, but, you know, blood happens (& it's easy to remove)! Use a cotton ball soaked in peroxide until the stain comes out.


Removing Grease

You can try cleaning the grease off with warm water, then applying baby powder or corn starch to soak up the oil for a good 12 hours or so.


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