How to Break in Heels Overnight

High heels are a fashion staple and look fabulous with any outfit. But they can also be uncomfortable and difficult to break in.

Blisters and pain that heels, especially those that new high heels can cause, is no laughing matter. This is why today I’d like you to learn how to break in heels and avoid all of that!

These tricks, along with more conventional methods actually work to break in heels and make them more comfortable!

Wear Your Heels at Home

Doing this in the evenings is best, as everyone’s feet swell during the day. And bigger feet break in heels much better!


Wear Socks with Heels

The extra padding added by the socks will push at the shoes to break in the heels faster. Double up your socks to further break in your heels.


The shoe stretching spray will make the leather more pliable and will also help to break in the heel faster.

Use Shoe Stretching Spray


Turn on the blowdryer on medium or hot settings and point it at the section of the high heels you’d like to loosen up.

Blow Dry Your Heels


Leave the potatoes in your heels overnight. In the morning, take the potatoes out and wipe the inside of your shoes and let them air dry.

Use a Potato to Break in Heels


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