How to Break in Heels Overnight

Breaking in heels, even overnight is a process that can be done in a few different ways.

Some methods are quicker, some take a long time, while some other methods take just the right time – while you sleep!

Of course, many methods to break in heels require some stretching to loosen still areas of the shoe causing issues.

Use a Shoe Stretcher to Break in Heels

A shoe stretcher is a tool designed to help stretch your shoes in width and length.


Put Heels in the Freezer

The freezer bag method to break in heels is one of the easiest ways to break in your shoes. All you need are some sealable plastic bags like Ziplock bags and water.


Leave the potatoes in your heels overnight. In the morning, take the potatoes out and wipe the inside of your shoes and let them air dry.

Use a Potato to Break in Heels


Wear them for short periods of time around the house each day until they start to feel better on your feet.

Wear Your Heels at Home


Put on your new heels with socks and walk around and wear them for few hours, or for 10 minutes on and off throughout the day.

Wear Socks with Heels


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