How To Break In Cowboy Boots & Stretch Them Out:  7 Ways

Learning how to break in cowboy boots or give them a good stretch is essential for new boots to feel comfortable and avoid getting any painful blisters.

Today I’m going to walk through 7 ways on how to stretch cowboy boots. You can also use these methods on other equally tough leather boots at home.

Many involve products that will soften the leather, relaxing it to prep it for stretching.

This is one of the more manageable – and cheaper ways to stretch out cowboy boots.

Wear Thick or Double Socks to Break in Cowboy Boots


Softening the leather of your cowboy boots result is a more subtle leather that will stretch more efficiently and safely.

Break in Cowboy Boots with Lotion


Steaming the inside of your boots to soften and break in the leather is a method that is specific to stretching out cowboy boots. And you can do it at home.

Steam Your Cowboy Boots


Unlike leather conditioners or oils, shoe or boot spray is easy to apply and use.

Break in Cowboy Boots with Boot Stretching Spray


This method is convenient, effective and safe if you use the stretcher as instructed on the box.

Try a Boot Stretcher


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