How To Break In Cowboy Boots and Stretch Them Out

Today I’m going to walk through ways on how to stretch cowboy boots. You can also use these methods on other equally tough leather boots at home.

Many involve products that will soften the leather, relaxing it to prep it for stretching.

Cowboy boots are made with some of the most rigid leather around, so a good pair should last you a long while, making them some of the most durable boots.

The pressure from wearing the two socks will increase the width and height of the toebox, leading to a more comfortable, custom fit.

Double Socks to Break in Cowboy Boots


You can apply leather conditioning oil or lotion to your boots before trying the double sock method to stretch out cowboy boots.

Break in Cowboy Boots with Lotion


Steaming the inside of your boots to soften and break in the leather is a method that is specific to stretching out cowboy boots.

Steam Your Cowboy Boots


Similarly to using leather conditioner, a boot stretching spray will hydrate the leather to make stretching easier.

Break in Cowboy Boots with Boot Stretching Spray


I would recommend premium or heavy duty professional western boot stretchers for cowboy boots or any similar tough leather boots.

Try a Boot Stretcher


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