High Heel Anatomy Guide - Main Parts Of A High Heel

Here you’ll find the parts of a high heeled shoe that make up most shoes with high heels. Also added is some extra high heel terminology to further your heeled shoe lexicon!

From top to bottom, inside and out I’ll list all relevant high heel parts with names and illustrations to help you in your journey to learn more about heels.

Hopefully, after reading this story, you will never have to ask yourself what the parts of a high heel are called!

The upper part of a high heel’s anatomy includes all parts located above the sole and heel of the shoe.



The top-stitched edge of that runs along the heeled shoe’s upper, located at the top of the vamp.



The vamp is located on the front panel of a high heel shoe that covers the top area of the foot. This is the perfect place to attach shoe clips!



The toe box is part of the vamp that protects and covers the toes in closed-toe shoes. This part of a shoe is missing on a sandal.

Toe Box


This is the section located right behind the vamp. It extends from the back of the heeled shoe until the vamp begins.



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