Hacks on How to Keep Heels From Slipping Out of Shoes

If you're here to find quick hacks and easy-to-use products on how to keep heels from slipping out of shoes, you're in the right place.

I will walk you through some tried and trusted ways to prevent this from happening.

These will come in handy anytime you encounter this pesky issue (I do so many times with heels and slip-on flats!).

If you find your heel slipping out of shoes, you can try sizing down a half size to see if that helps.

Wear the Correct Size Shoes


They can also help make shoes a bit smaller if the shoes fit a bit loose.

Try Shoe Insoles


The stickiness of the tape on both your foot and shoes allows for it to secure your heel bottoms to the shoes, adding grip.

Use Double-Sided Shoe Tape


Tights with sticky pads built-in will hold your heel bottoms firmly in place.

Wear Socks, Footies or Tights with Build-in Sticky Pads


- Use a moisture-wicking insole or socks to keep feet dry - Wear breathable shoes

Keep Your Feet Dry to Avoid Slipping


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