Fake Golden Goose Sneakers That Look Real!

Today on shoe-tease.com, I've curated a list of the best Golden Goose look alike-sneakers for women that can fool even the most discerning sneaker connoisseur!

While these aren't "fake" Golden Goose sneakers per se, they're much inspired by the original brand, giving the look and vibe of the original designer brand.

You can find many Golden Goose sneakers that mimic the brand, including the GG Superstars style. These are the first and most popular of the GG sneaker designs.

If you love the look of these sneakers, they have many other styles that differ from the GG aesthetic, with thick, colorful outsoles, ribbon laces and more.

P448 GG Look-Alikes


Although their styles are more chunky than the streamlined look of GG sneakers, their Vanessa star sneakers make a great Super Star GG look-alike.



Shop Shu is Florida, USA-based company, specializing in all kinds of shoes for women, children and toddlers.

SHOP SHU Fake Golden Goose Sneakers


These have the same mix & matched materials, colors, metallics and hidden lift as the original GGs.

DOLCE VITA Golden Goose Look-Alikes


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