EverNew Canada Clothing, Shoes and Jewelry: A Review

EverNew — Australian brand Forever New‘s Canadian sister brand — came to Canada in 2015. It wasn't until late last year that I got the chance to experience the products first hand.

I've seen a few of my favorite bloggers post about the brand on social media & always thought the pieces looked lovely.

But as none of them have gone into specific detail about the actual quality & feel of the products, I thought I would speak about that today.

I like the simple, no non-sense website that Ever New offers, where you can refine your search by category, sub category, size, color, price for the clothing section.

A Look at the Evernew Canada Website


What you get is much more than what you see! The fabric is thick & 3 dimensional and just as intricate as you see in these photos.

The Dress


The Brenda boots are made of a lovely faux suede & the color is a beautiful vibrant red. The heel, even though looks higher, is an approximate 2.5″ height.

The Boots


The jeweled purse is just as intricate & sparkly as seen in my photos! It is absolutely stunning and the jewels are well sown on.

The Purse


The criss-cross diamond effect bracelet I ordered is light & dainty. It bends easily to put on & take off. The earrings, however, broke off after a couple of wears.

The Jewelry


Shipping was extremely fast. Especially for the smaller sized second dress that I ended up ordering & swapping for the first, too large one. It arrived the next day, woot.

Ever New Canada Shipping


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