DIY Shoe Rack for Heels

Talking about shoes is very well & all, but let’s take a moment & chat storage solutions, shall we?

From DIY shelving to a DIY shoe rack, there are so many interesting & viable, not to mention creative ways, to store your shoes & high heels.

And today we’ve got you covered in terms of getting it done just as real Toronto girl (or shall I say woman!?) Raz did.

STEP 1 Measure the desired length of the shoe rack for heels.


STEP 2 Cut each of the base molding & crown molding to the desired length.


STEP 3 Use wood glue to attach the crown molding onto the base molding.


STEP 4 Use either a nail gun or finishing nails & hammer to secure the 2 molding parts.


STEP 5 Let your shoe rack dry.


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