Different Types Of Shoes For Women

In today’s story, I’m going to walk you through – pun intended  – the various types of shoes for women.

You’ll become familiar with all kinds of shoes and their historical origin. You'll also learn the names of all women's shoe styles and specialized shoe types.

And don’t worry – each shoe type will have a photo or sketch, so you’ll come out of this guide with visual knowledge too!

Pumps are closed-toe shoes with a tall or kitten heel. They are wardrobe essentials & can easily be worn with different outfits. Trending pumps have a sling-back with a pointed toe.



Tassel loafers continue to exude a preppy and country club chic, thanks to shoes such as ones made by Brooks Brothers and many other shoe designers.

Tassel Loafers


Boots come in various heights and are often named for how much of the foot and leg they cover. Such is the case with ankle boots, which only reach the ankle.

Ankle Boots


If ankle coverage isn’t enough for you, then you can go with knee-high boots. Often made with leather, suede, or fabric, they end below or just at the knee.

Knee-High Boots


They’re extremely popular nowadays with their lug sole and various finishes such as patent leather.

Combat Boots


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