Different Types Of Heels For Women

If you're looking to learn about the different types of heels and high heel styles for women, your search is over!

In today's story, I'm going to walk you through the different types of high heels, from kitten heels to sky high stilettos.

You'll also become familiar with all the high heel styles, heel names, heel shapes and the various heights available.

Cuban heels can be medium to high in height and are often found on tougher shoe or boot types, such as cowboy boots and combat boots.

Cuban Heels


Kitten heels come and go in fashion and are used in all kind of shoe types for women in including booties, pumps, mules and sandals.

Kitten Heels


What is a stacked heel, you ask? The stacked heel has less to do with its shape and everything to do with its construction.

Stacked Heels


High heel pumps, also known as court shoes to the British, are one of the most popular high heel shoe types.



You can find all kinds of heel types from ankle boots, knee high to thigh boots, and in all different heel heights.

Heeled Boots


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