Designer Star Sneakers Review - Golden Goose

Today I'm here on for a thorough Golden Goose review of both the Superstar and Hi Star sneakers,  answering common questions!

The Italian brand Golden Goose has been around since year 2000 and is known for its glam, high-quality, trendy sneakers with a worn-in look.

If you find yourself on this story, you're likely wondering whether Golden Goose sneakers are worth it, what’s the deal with Golden Goose's sizing and whether they're comfortable – or not. Here are some answers!

Golden Goose sneakers cost anywhere between $400 to a whopping $1700 for the more bejeweled styles.

How much do Golden Goose Sneakers Cost?


– Tastemakers wear them, so they've set the trend. And people follow trends! – They are creative, fun and chic

Why are Golden Goose Shoes so Popular?


Celebrities, fashion influencers and the fashion elite wear them, as does anyone who wants to make a statement in a high fashion, luxury sneaker.

Who Wears Golden Goose Sneakers?


GG shoes are handmade in Venice, Italy. The high quality and craftsmanship and paying fair wages in Italy come at a higher cost.

Why are Golden Goose so expensive


Are Golden Goose Sneakers Comfortable?

Yes, for everyday wear! Both my GG sneaker styles have padded collars behind the ankles. As such, they've never dug into me or caused blisters.


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