Designer Star Sneakers Complete Review - Golden Goose

The Italian brand Golden Goose has been around since year 2000 and is known for its glam, high-quality, trendy sneakers.

If you find yourself on this story, you're likely wondering whether Golden Goose sneakers are worth it, what’s the deal with Golden Goose's sizing and whether they're comfortable – or not. Here are some answers!

If you're looking for a Golden Goose review to decide how these sneakers will last with frequent wear, this story is for you.

Most come in at around 550 USD for low-tops like the Super-Stars and $650 for the high tops.

How much do Golden Goose Sneakers Cost?


The most popular GG sneakers for women are, by far, the Superstars. Especially those with a white or off-white base.

What are the most popular Golden Goose sneaker styles?


Yes, but only if you get the right size! This is true for any shoe or sneaker, really. Both my GG sneaker styles have padded collars behind the ankles.

Are Golden Goose Sneakers Comfortable?



The GG Superstars have insoles with a built-in wedge insole. The top is quite firm, but has a bit of ‘squish' to it, which makes for a very comfortable footbed.


I've had these for almost 5 years, wearing them from spring to fall to the park, running errands and in some light rain. So, pretty much everywhere!

Long-Term Wear (after 5 Years!)


Swipe up for all details of my 2 GG Styles! !

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