Closed Toe Summer Shoes (No Pedicure Required!)

Today on, I'll share ideas for closed-toe shoes and even closed-toe sandals that are perfect for summer.

Whether you are looking for a new pair of work-appropriate closed-toe shoes or just want to cover up some unsightly toes, don't worry.

I have all the shoe-shopping tips and shoe types to have you covered for summer. Literally!

Doesn't matter when they're this cute and hide any toe imperfections! I find these actually look better without any pedi polish, but that's just me!

Strappy Closed-Toe Sandals


Easy to wear and charming, cut out flats, add holes and vents to allow feet to breathe better during summer- close-toe and all!

Cut-Out Flats


The multiple open spaces allow lots of breathability, making these ideas closed-toe shoes for summer.

Basket Weave Shoes


From Keds, Vans, Taos and Superga  canvas classics, there's a style for everyone. Wear no-show socks to keep feet dry, or opt for a moisture-absorbent insole.

Canvas Tennis Shoes


Espadrilles flats or wedges make great summery shoes that are closed-toed. Pick a lightweight canvas or mesh pair.



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